Warp and Byte Designs - Gallery
Leslie Killeen - Handweaver, Durham, NC


Inca Trail Collaboration:  
Weaving by Leslie Killeen, Dyeing by Regina Schellhaas  
HGA Convergence 2006, Grand Rapids Fashion Show and Yardage Exhibit  


Mobius Mountain Kaleidescope
Collaboration: Weaving by Leslie Killeen, Dyeing by Regina Schellhaas
HGA Convergence 2004, Denver Fashion show and Leader's Exhibit



Vest - Scarves

Tapestries and Wall Hangings


Overshot Lace with Wet Felting

Inspiration with painted warp

Shibori with Wet Felting



Rep Weave


Wet Felting and Huck

Overshot Lace

Vests with curves

Non-traditional Overshot woven fabric combined with commercial fabric

Bedford Cord
comercial fabric for
back, lining and trim

Overshot Non-traditional

Bateman Weave
Purchased Painted Scarf/commercial
fabric for back, trim and lining


Honeycomb woven fabric combined with commercial fabric

Overshot Lace

Overshot Lace on a painted warp

Hand painted warps, commercial fabric for back and lining

Block print from a trip to India



Left is Honeycomb showing iridescence


Right is straight twill threading with a network and twill treadling





One fabric - Overshot lace
Two Vest designs

Deflected Double Weave



Both are Double Weave Twill

On the left two Double Weave Twill wall hangings, featured in a poster session at CW Seminars 2018







On the right two small tapestries included in the article Inspiration from Silvia Heyden, Artist in the Bauhaus Tradition - CW Journal Feb 2020


Eno River

Moutain View

A series of scarves "Theme and Variaiton" - my first and only production weaving

Overshot Lace a favorite technique

Overshot Lace

A new adventure in the world of wet felting

The pictures top left and right are before felting